Sunday, May 24, 2015

What It's Like Being a Fashion Girl in High School //

If you keep up with Cosmopolitan, you've probably learned what it's like to date a fashion girl, and chances are, you lovely reader may just be one of these fashionistas. It's ok-- I am too. Being into fashion while in high school can be tough, but overall it's just a lot of fun and a great way to express and love yourself. Here's the list of things that stand out to me the most being one of these girls. //

1. You most likely spend art class sketching fashion figures.

2. And if your high school offers it, you've probably signed up for the fashion classes (in which you obviously sketch fashion figures.)

3. While your friends are busy reading the newest YA novel, you're probably more interested in reading the latest issues of Vogue and MarieClaire.

4. And so your classmates probably think you can't read at all.

5. You know what its like to run up 4 flights of stairs in heels to get to class on time. 

6. You're an instaholic. Face it. You love OOTDs, selfies, and dinner photos. You're on it during class, after school, and late at night. It's not a hobby-- it's a way of life.

8. Your top 3 college choices are most likely Parson's, FIT, or FIDM.

9. And it is your dream to be at New York Fashion Week. 

10. You probably overuse the word "aesthetic."

11. Some people may think you're pretentious and annoying, and it can lower your self-esteem a lot. High school is brutal.

12. But then you realize you look hot as hell, and the dumb imbeciles of high school don't even matter.

13. Retail is your therapy (and also the reason why you're broke.)

14.  If it hasn't happened already, there will come a time in which you reference BeyoncĂ© in literally every conversation because she is queen and slays the fashion game every time.

15. People often misinterpret the intention behind your outfit choices. You put on your clothes thinking about how good you'll look, but then you get to school and everyone assumes you're just trying to impress boys. #IDressForMyself

16. Ultimately, you are a strong ass woman, hell on heels, and have every intention of achieving your goals. You won't let anyone stand in your way, and no challenge is too large. Plus, you can do it all while wearing stilettos & carrying your designer bag.

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